About me

Hey! I’m Nastya, I’m 32. Since childhood, I have loved fishing and everything connected with it. But most of all I was interested in the fascinating world of aquariums. I can sit in front of it for a long time and observe the life of its local residents. Since childhood, I began to study the underwater world in more detail and I want to share interesting aquarium stories with you.

The purpose of my site is to help beginners and experienced aquarists properly care for fish and aquariums. The site contains information about creating your own aquarium, instructions for caring for fish and plants, reviews of aquarium equipment, aquascaping for inspiration. Be sure to check out all the categories and subscribe to our mailing list to get regular fresh aquarium news in your inbox!

If you are interested in topics that have not been presented on this site, feel free to contact me and suggest ideas for articles.

You can contact me by writing to the mail: [email protected]

An aquarium is a piece of the underwater world in your home, it will add zest and bring comfort to your life.