List of best aquarium for betta fish. Detailed selection and installation guide

If you’re looking for the greatest Betta fish tanks, you’ve come to the
right place. Bettas need a good home because of their vibrant colors and magnificent fins.

When betta fish are kept in the same tank as other fish, one of their unique qualities is how readily they become annoyed. They don’t
get along well with other people and should be left alone. That’s
why, unlike other fish, your betta needs a distinct sort of aquarium.

We go over exactly what makes the best aquarium for betta fish before going through the most popular tanks on the market right now in our comprehensive guide to best betta fish tanks.

What To Look For When Choosing Your Betta Fish Tank

When it comes to finding the greatest Betta fish tank, there are a few factors to keep in mind. In general, it’s about picking a tank that will provide your fish with a healthy habitat.

What should be the size of the aquarium?

Bettas are native to Southeast Asia, where they can be found in small streams and rice paddies. This does not, however, imply that you may keep them in small bowls or aquariums. Your Betta tank should be at least 5 gallons in size. Bettas are remarkable fish who deserve to live in a healthy and flourishing environment. It’s always preferable to go bigger.

Why is filtering so important?

Although Bettas are native to still waters, you’ll still need to find a tank with a filter if you want to keep them. They’re essential for keeping your Betta happy and healthy in your aquarium. Betta’s struggle to live in powerful currents, so you’ll need a moderate or adjustable filter. You may also purchase a filter separately.

What lighting is better to choose?

Bettas are stunning fish, so you’ll want to be able to view them well. The best choice is to use bright LED illumination. They’re energy-efficient and help to highlight your Betta’s vibrant colors.

Bettas require a consistent day and night cycle. Choosing a tank with day and moonlighting is a terrific method to keep your fish healthy while also allowing you to see it at all hours of the day and night.

Does style matter?

Because we both know how trendy Bettas are, you’ll want to show your appreciation for your fish by housing it in a tank that is similarly attractive. Having a tank with multiple unobstructed viewing angles provides the best experience.

It’s vital to always put your fish’s health first. You shouldn’t buy a tank just because it looks cool. You must make certain that your Betta will survive in its new environment.

Best aquarium for betta fish review

So, I suggest you study the proposed options for aquariums for your fighting fish. Each has its own pros and cons and different costs. Choose your suitable option:

1. Fluval Flex 57 – 15 Gallon Nano Glass Aquarium Kit

A spacious 15 gallon tank that is ideal for Bettas, has a beautiful
design, and is equipped with lights and a filter. If you want your
Betta to have a bigger habitat than any of the tanks we’ve shown,
this is the tank for you. It has a robust three-stage filter that
successfully cleans the water using mechanical, chemical, and biological media.

It features a very distinctive curving front that contrasts starkly with the straight sides. It has LED illumination that can be adjusted to a variety of settings through a remote control, including faded cloud and lightening effects.

It contains a lot of well-thought-out concepts, such as the grid pattern around the top of the tank, which reduces the visibility of the water line, as you’d expect from a top-end tank.

  • Fantastic design
  • All of the wiring can be buried under the tank’s center
  • There are numerous lighting effects to choose from
  • The black plastic back is easily scratched
  • A plain black background is used
  • Filtration is really effective

2. Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit

A spacious 15 gallon tank that is ideal for Bettas, has a beautiful
design, and is equipped with lights and a filter. If you want your
Betta to have a bigger habitat than any of the tanks we’ve shown,
this is The Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit is a straightforward and easy desktop best betta fish tank, unlike some other best betta fish tanks
on the market that use an aquaponics system.

It is a modern-looking tank that is tiny enough to fit on limited spaces, such as desks or a few countertops. This aquarium kit weighs around 11 pounds and has a 5 gallon capacity.

Because of the aluminum trim, it is quite light. This tank is merely a simple rectangle fish tank with a notable complete beginning equipment.

It comes with a ceiling-mounted LED lighting structure with 37 LEDs. These lights give enough light for the fish, design, and plants in the aquarium kit.

A filtration system and a powerful circulation pump with a customizable output spout are also included with the fish tank. The water can be kept clean and free of fish waste and filth at all times thanks to these two frames.

  • Very light
  • Simple design
  • Good pricing
  • Complete starter package
  • Problems with the lighting system

3. Fluval Edge

The Fluval Edge comes in two sizes: 12 gallon and 6 gallon. While 6 gallons is adequate, 12 gallons is appropriate if you wish to have
some companion fish with your betta. The sleek modern design
of this tank is my favorite feature. The tank filter is housed in an
exterior container with a tight-fitting lid.

The sealed top allows the tank to be completely filled, with no apparent air surface. While it appears to be attractive, it is not suitable for betta fish. While they can breathe underwater, they do need to take air from the water’s surface on occasion.

They can still do it through the small rectangular slot behind the water filter, but it’s a tight fit. It’s also a little tough to clean the tank or use a fish net because of the narrow 75-inch aperture. So if you’re looking for a tank that’s simple to clean, this isn’t the tank for you.

The Fluval Edge is a silent machine as long as you maintain the tank water topped off at this entrance. It comes with integrated LED illumination that is both appealing and adequate for low-light plants. It has a blue light option for the night and a brilliant white setting for the day.

  • Modern design that is quite appealing
  • 12 and 6 gallon sizes are available
  • 3 step hidden filter
  • When a betta is full, there isn’t much place for it to breathe
  • Tank access is difficult due to the small aperture

4. Cobalt Aquatics Microvue 3 Aquarium Kit

When it comes to buying a fish, you’re undoubtedly looking for the
most gorgeous one. Bettas are amazing creatures, but they require
the proper aquarium. Everything you need is included in the Cobalt Aquatics Microvue 3 Aquarium Kit.
It has a water capacity of 8 gallons. Your fish will have plenty of room this way. When it comes to buying a fish, you’re undoubtedly looking for the most gorgeous one.

Bettas are amazing creatures, but they require the proper aquarium. Everything you need is included in the Cobalt Aquatics Microvue 3 Aquarium Kit. It has a water capacity of 8 gallons. Your fish will have plenty of room this way.

It has an LED lamp, but it is rather little and hovers above the tank. This is a great way to warm up the water and brighten up the room. Of course, the cover, like the rest of the aquarium, is constructed of glass.

As a result, the light will slightly refract and reach all four corners of the tank. Furthermore, the fish cannot jump out and injure themselves. You’ll see that this item has an inbuilt filter. As a result, you won’t need to buy any additional tank cleaning accessories.

The sponge filter does not require a lot of upkeep. All you have to do now is rinse it out when you clean the tank or change the water. This is usually done once a month, although it varies depending on the size of your fish and other variables.

It’s best for betta fish, but it can also be used for other marine creatures. Plants, goldfish, glow fish, shrimp, and even nano reef systems are all good examples.

  • It’s ideal for beginners
  • LED lighting that is bright
  • Setup is simple
  • Internally, there is a large filter that detracts from the beauty
  • With the light fitted, the lid does not fit well

5. Tetra LED Cube 3 Gallon Tank

If you insist on a smaller tank, this aquarium set is the smallest I would recommend for your betta. The tank’s main selling point is its design, and it’s what I like best about it. The Moai head centerpiece looks wonderful in this small cube tank. It’s also a very cost-effective option.

If you insist on a smaller tank, this aquarium set is the smallest I would recommend for your betta.

The tank’s main selling point is its design, and it’s what I like best about it. The Moai head centerpiece looks wonderful in this small cube tank. It’s also a very cost-effective option.

It does not have a heater, but it does include a filter and LED lighting. If you do decide to go with this tank, be sure you purchase a little heater. You may need to acquire an aftermarket filter if the pump in the one provided is noisy and prone to difficulties.

The fact that this best betta fish tank is not a flask tank and instead is constructed of acrylic is one disadvantage. It will scratch considerably easier as a result of this.

  • Design that is appealing
  • Feeding cutouts and an aftermarket filter are included under the hood
  • Affordable
  • The filter pump makes a lot of noise and has a lot of problems
  • The acrylic material is readily scratched

6. MarineLand Portrait Aquarium Kit

A beginning marina led aquarium kit with a hinged light and a filter with adjustable flow for a reasonable price. The price of the next aquarium is only marginally higher than the previous one.

It includes a hinged light so you can get to it quickly when you need it. The lights are LED and feature two settings: white for a dazzling light during the day and blue for a peaceful moonlight glow in the evening. There is also an option to turn the lights entirely out.

The filter is hidden behind the back panel and has a flow control to keep it out of sight. MarineLand’s own brand 3-stage hidden filter includes Bio-Foam, a Rite-Size Z cartridge, and a pump.

  • Tanks that are shorter take up less room than those that are longer
  • The lid has a unique design that deters nosy cats.
  • Lights that can be adjusted
  • Filter is quiet and media is easy to come by
  • Sturdy foundation
  • Cleaning a self-contained filter is challenging
  • A strong current is created by the filter
  • The lights are dimly lit
  • The filter area’s black plastic cover is fragile

7. Aqueon Aquarium Starter Kit with LED Lighting

The Aqueon glass LED aquarium set comes with a traditional
rectangle-shaped tank. It is simple to clean and maintain, even
if it does not have the unique look that some of you seek.

The setup is also very straightforward. Your Betta will also be thrilled
with the generous 10-gallon size.

In the bigger 10-gallon capacity, you can even add more tank mates. In this situation, I like shrimp. Everything you’ll need to get started with betta fish is included in this starter kit. A fishnet, filter, heater, thermometer, hood, LED lights, and fish food are all included.

An LED that blinks red when it’s time to change the cartridge is a nice feature of the three-stage filtration system. While this is a cool feature, several users have questioned the light’s accuracy. It may indicate a necessary shift far too soon.

Other best betta fish tanks do not include a warmer, however this one does. It may, however, be underpowered depending on the temperature of your room. Keep an eye on the tank temperature for the first week or so.

Bettas need a temperature of around 78 degrees Fahrenheit to thrive.

  • Additional aquarium dwellers can be accommodated in a 10-gallon aquarium
  • An LED light on the filter indicates when the cartridge needs to be replaced
  • For the price, this is a good all-around aquarium
  • A tank heater is included
  • The included LED lights are prone to failure
  • The silicone sealant application can be poor at times
  • For some climates, the heater may be insufficient

8. Penn Plax Vertex Desktop Aquarium Kit

If you’re looking for something a little more streamlined, this might be the tank for you. The Penn Plax Vertex Desktop glass led Aquarium Kit is suitable for bettas, with a size of 2.7 gallons.

Because of its cube-like form, it can be used on a desk at work or at your home office. This piece is made of curved glass and is frameless. It’s unique to the brand and allows you to easily view the fish.

You’ll get everything you need to get started with your fish tank because it’s a kit.

The aquarium is made of glass and comes with a thermometer and a water filter that hangs on the wall. A fishnet is also included so that the betta can be easily removed for cleaning. It’s made for shrimp and little fish, but it’s also great for bettas.

With the proper maintenance, any marine life you want to keep in the tank will be safe and begin to thrive. Although it has a plastic lid, it is quite durable. There are hinges on the cover, as well as an opening for cleaning and feeding.

As a result, fish are unable to jump out of the tank water. Sizing is a concern for some. This item is 10 inches in height and 8 inches in width. In addition, the glass is 1/8-inch thick for added protection.

  • It’s big enough for a betta
  • Filter that hangs from the ceiling
  • Filter has a flow-control knob that may be adjusted
  • For tiny spaces, it’s compact
  • There are no more filter cartridges included
  • It’s possible that filters will leak

9. Aqueon LED MiniBow Aquarium Starter Kits

People frequently desire something contemporary and refined. Keep in mind that it will be displayed in your house. The Aqueon LED MiniBow Aquarium Starter Kits could be just what you’re looking for.

It is available in four different sizes (1, 1.6, 2.5, and 5-gallon). You already know which one to choose if you paid attention to the part on tank size.

Even with a few decorations, the 2.5-gallon choice will most likely suffice. The 5-gallon version, on the other hand, will be even better. Remember that bettas require a large amount of swimming space.

A raised base is included in this modern design. It doesn’t turn or move, but it adds a whimsical touch to the tank. Plus, the black tone is stylish and works with practically any decor.

A feeding hole is located on top of the black lid. It isn’t prominent enough to entice folks to open it. It is, nevertheless, large enough for you to effortlessly drop in the food.

This product comes with an LED light integrated into the hood. It is possible to turn it off at night to let the betta to sleep.

A word about the filter is in order. The Aqueon QuietFlow filtration system is featured here. Throughout the life of the fish, you will need to purchase replacement filter cartridges.

  • Design is compact and modern
  • It’s simple to set up and maintain
  • For some, the filter is too strong
  • The cover is not fastened to the tank

10. BiOrb Flow 30 Aquarium with LED

This next tank is going to be fantastic because betta fish demand
a lot of open space. The BiOrb brand is familiar with the needs of
this tropical fish. As a result, two tanks are available: an 8-gallon
and a 4-gallon tank.

Because it is vital to have something strong, the BiOrb Flow 30 Aquarium with LED is built of acrylic. This is ten times more durable than glass tanks. It’s also 93 percent transparent and weighs half as much as glass.

A five-stage filtration system is included. In this tank, the water will be stabilized and oxygenated. Mechanical, biological, and chemical filtering options are also available. Low voltage is desirable, but most people aren’t aware of it. You don’t want a fish tank that raises your electric bill dramatically. A 12V transformer is used in this product.

The LED light that is built-in is inconspicuous. It promotes the health and growth of your fish. As a result, you’ll be able to show it off to visitors.

This item is available in black or white. The white variant is practically translucent, making it ideal for contemporary interiors. Black is also a great choice because it complements practically any decor.

You’ll discover that feeding is simple to do. The crater is fairly big. Just sure to close it again so your fish doesn’t be hurt if it jumps out.

  • Acrylic construction
  • Five stages of filtering
  • LED lights
  • Filter cartridges for BiOrb must be purchased
  • The light has no brightness adjustments

11. Hagen HG Fluval Flex Aquarium 15 Gallon

The Hagen HG Fluval Flex Aquarium is the largest aquarium on this list. With a volume of 9 gallons, this tank will give your cherished Betta and possibly a couple of tranquil tank mates plenty of swimming area.

The filtering technology of the Fluval Flex is identical to that in the Flex Spec V.

The all-in-one chambers are large enough to fit a heater in the return portion of this complete three-stage filtering device. There are some extremely great details in the aquarium.

It features a feeding aperture where you can feed your Betta. The metal trim on the cover is beautiful and fits flush against the tank. The LED lighting in this aquarium kits has some distinct qualities.

You can experiment with different color blends to bring out the greatest colouring in your Betta fish because the LED lights can change hues.

This is perfect for a fish-only tank, but if you plan to add plants to the tank, you should leave it alone. The LED is embedded in the lid, totally enclosing the tank and preventing evaporation. When it comes to aquarium plants, this light is best for low-light varieties.

There is no longer a need for a separate LED for the Planted Aquarium. The above-mentioned white form of this tank is ideal for aquascaping. To bring forth the full coloring of your plants, many freshwater aquascapes use a white or frost background.

With a few drawbacks, this is a wonderful glass led aquarium kit. The pricing is close to that of the Fluval Spec V, but the Spec V is a superior product altogether. Because of its curved form, the glass has been known to fracture easily.

The honeycomb design at the top of the tank does not appeal to me either. I understand that’s done to cover the waterline, but it simply seems funny to me, especially if plants are used.

  • Lid, lights, and filter are all fully integrated
  • With a curved front panel, it’s a stunning design
  • The filter chamber can be used to conceal equipment
  • Filter for peace and quiet
  • Cleaning and upkeep are simple
  • Exceptional Design
  • Expensive
  • Faulty units in the past

Short summary of choice

To summary, the Fluval Spec V is the greatest best betta fish tank on the market today. It truly has everything. It has the ideal filtration system. The tank’s proportions are great. For novice plants, the LED lighting that comes with the kit is sufficient. In person, the tank looks even better.

For anyone starting out with a Betta tank, I recommend the Fluval. The Marina is a wonderful budget option for individuals looking to save money on an glass led aquarium kit while still getting good features.

It’s less expensive than the Spec V aquarium kit, and the LED illumination is still adequate for low-light plants. If you want to construct a Betta tank with many males, the LifeWithPets dividers are a terrific way to save money.

If you’re on a tight budget, the Tetra Aquarium and Marineland tanks are excellent choices for Bettas. Both of these tanks are quite cost-effective.

The Fluval Edge is a top-quality, high-end Betta tank that we recommend if you aren’t on a budget. It has plenty of room for open water swimming as well as enough room to add plants and other decorations that will serve as excellent hiding spots.

What Is The Best Way To Set Up A Betta Fish Tanks?

The process of putting together a betta tank differs depending on the sort of glass tank you have. Although you will receive a setup guide to help you build the aquarium on your own, if you do not, this guide will assist you.

However, because they don’t come in larger sizes, putting up the The process of putting together a betta tank differs depending on the sort of glass tank you have. is simple. So, here’s how to set up the tank.

Pickup location

First and foremost, you must locate an excellent location for assembling the tank. It’s best to keep the tank away from direct sunlight, regardless of where you keep it. Not only that, but you should keep it a few inches away from the wall to give yourself enough room for the heater and filter.

Installation of the water filter

After that, you must place the water filter at the back of the tank. Because many Betta tanks have factory cutouts to allow for filter installation, filter installation will just take a few minutes.

Placement of gravel rocks

After that, rinse the gravel rocks without using soap. It will assist in the removal of dirt that has become stuck in the rocks. With the help of a scooper, drop small gravel rocks on the bottom. Cover at least 3-inch of gravel rocks starting from the edge.

After that, set a large plate on top of the gravel and fill the aquarium with water until it’s about 1/3 full. Then, to avoid displacement, gently slide the plate beneath the water.

Plant placement

The final step is to place the plant. Make sure the roots of the plant reach into the substrate when you place it. A commercial substrate will allow you to plant virtually any form of aquatic plant. If you prefer a more visually appealing option, you can go with freshwater aquarium sands. Arrange the plants in a natural-looking manner. Also, make sure there’s plenty of room between the plants so your Betta can swing around.

Turn on the filter when you’ve finished filling the tank. In the water, it will create a moderate circulating motion.

Installing a Water Heater

After that, you’ll need to connect the heater to the tank. It should be placed near the water filter’s opening to ensure adequate circulation and heating.

Then, pour neutralizer into the tank to remove the chlorine particles from the tap water. If you use distilled water, however, you can skip the neutralizer.

Set your Bettas free

After you’ve completed all of the instructions, place the bagged betta in the aquarium for an hour. After that, you may welcome your Betta to its new home and allow it to freely swim around.

Betta Fish Tank Mates

Choosing tank mates for your betta fish should be done with care. In fact, it’s better to keep a male betta alone. It is possible to keep snails, plants, corydoras, and other animals.

Best aquarium for betta fish


Which aquarium is best for a betta fish?

A single Betta fish should be housed in a 5 gallon fish aquarium. Because it has enough space and filtration, a betta may be kept happy and healthy in a 5 gallon fish tank. You’ll need to enlarge the tank’s capacity if you wish to keep more fish. If you have a lot of fish, consider a 10 gallon or even a 20 gallon tank.

Is It Possible For A Betta To Have An Excessively Large Tank?

Definitely not. In a larger tank, bettas will establish their territory and stay in the same general area. They won’t get lost in a big tank, and the extra room will make it easier for them to get along with schooling fish. If anything, more space makes them less hostile. Male bettas have been observed coexisting in huge tanks with a variety of floating and living plants, allowing them to create their own zone!

Do Betta Fish Get Sick of Being Alone?

It’s not so much that they’re lonely as it is that they’re bored. Betta fish are one of the more intelligent species you can get for your freshwater aquarium. When kept in a suitable sized tank water, they can be taught tricks and make excellent single pets.

In Their Tank, What Do Bettas Prefer?

Bettas want to be around living plants. Anubias and floating plants, in particular, have big leaves and are preferred. Bettas enjoy lounging and resting on leaves, as well as hiding among driftwood when perching. You may also play with them using toys such as a ping pong ball!

Do Betta Fish Prefer Tanks that are Long or Tall?

Bettas, like many other fish, like tanks that are longer than they are tall. Because they are accustomed to shallow waters in the wild, this is the case. As a result, they usually have large territories. Long and shallow tanks are preferable to tall aquariums for many different fish. The fish tank owner who enjoys horizontal area for viewing, aquascaping, and aesthetics will favor tall tanks.

And in conclusion

Bettas are appealing fish that come in a range of colors, and contrary to popular belief, they cannot be housed in small bowls or gimmicky size tank of less than 5 gallons.

Hopefully, you’ll have a good idea of what size betta best fish tank size your new fish needs. Which aquarium kit to choose and how to properly betta fish care.

Betta fish aquariums are beautiful fish that deserve a larger tank that is equally beautiful.

The best aquarium for betta fish I suggested today are ideal for your pet Betta and will help you create the ideal environment for it. I hope you found this information interesting.

Leave a comment about your favorite aquarium and why you desire it for your fish?

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